Find Your Direction

Lost Bound Films originates from the idea that during times in life direction may be lost. Until the right direction has been found and the course corrected, the outcome will be misdirection and confusion. Often in movies we see a character in the film who has lost his/her direction, and by the end of the film he/she has found purpose and understanding of what he/she needs to do. Joseph Pesavento pursues this method of storytelling because it places the audience in the mind of the character, showing the audience that we can lose ourselves in life and must find the proper path to get back on track.

"I was always a fan of characters enduring a large amount of pain. No one likes to suffer or feel hurt in any way, so watching someone else go through it really helps you connect with him/her. People understand he/she is suffering for a reason and he/she needs to change something to end the misery. People will feel empathy and want to help. They will want to see the characters overcome what is troubling them. That is exactly what I want my audience to feel."

Joseph Pesavento wants to use his skills as a filmmaker to develop Lost Bound Films to its full potential as well as continue on with his personal ambitions. He continues to write and progress to the next step of each of his ideas as they continue to grow. With each new project, Joseph gives the best of his abilities and looks towards presenting the best possible product.

"I see my projects becoming better each time. Not just in quality, but I see more of myself in the project. That's what is the most important thing to me. If you can see more of yourself in each creation, you're headed in the right direction. When people see what I have made and what I am working on, they will see who I am, and what I represent will reflect back at them."

Lost Bound Films is here to help you Find Your Direction.

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